new E-commerce

With the rise of the middle class and the younger generation of the post-90s and post-95s, as well as the changes in mobile content, terminals and scenarios, there are three "origins" in the direction of e-commerce, namely mobile e-commerce, consumption upgrades and new lifestyles. At this time, we focus on the investment direction of consumption upgrade investment.

In this category, we believe that there will be three investment opportunities in the future. First, new commodity brands may appear. With the iteration of each generation, there will be new brands that meet the values of young people. Second, new channel brands may emerge. Almost the entire consumption structure in Europe and the United States is dominated by buyer stores. China will use many channel brands to form product selection logic, so there are opportunities both online and offline. Third, the spirit of craftsmanship. The middle class pursues the ultimate performance of high cost performance and high quality, so the spirit of craftsmanship will definitely rise. To sum up, we will follow the above directions and opportunities for investment in the new e-commerce field. If you have good ideas and good project plans, we are happy to support you and create greater value together!