Zixu (Hongkong) Investment Limited. (referred to as "Zixu Equity Investment") was established in 2015 and is an investment equity management institution with its own funds. We always adhere to rigorous, fact-based investment analysis, focusing on stocks of outstanding content and projects.

Right investment, through a strong professional background to conduct in-depth insights and research on the industry, and identify the competitive advantages of investment opportunities.

Company Culture

Adhering to the core values ​​of Chongde, synergy, innovation and Hongyuan, we promote the culture of love, focus, openness and mutual assistance.
  • Achievement Employees

    Employees are the company's greatest wealth, and Zixu Equity Investment is committed to cultivating first-class professionals.

    Trees in ten years, people in a hundred years. Build a platform for employees to achieve each other, career development platform and career success stage.

    Adhere to humanized management, and maximize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees.

  • Benefit Society

    Zixu Equity Investment insists that obtaining financial returns and creating social value go hand in hand.

    Zi Xu, within the capabilities of his human resources, brings a positive premium to the society with knowledge and practical actions.

    In the investment and operation activities, Zi Xu strives to protect the environment and is committed to sustainable development and ecological civilization construction.