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Angel Funding

If your project meets these criteria, you will be the next investment favorite.

Over the years of investment and development, Zixu Equity Investment has accumulated rich experience in market development and extensive business relationships. We know how to screen, discover and cherish excellent and promising original projects or small start-ups in the market, and are willing to give investment support.

Regarding the investment field, Zi Xu's equity investment mainly focuses on three main sectors including but not limited to new e-commerce, new consumption and new technology. In addition to financial support, we will also actively participate in the management of projects or enterprises, provide maximum assistance with our rich experience, experience and advice, and assist the investee in market development and provide all-round support.

For original projects or small start-ups that have developed well in the early stage, Zixu Equity Investment will also help them plan follow-up financing and help with the capital investment required for rapid expansion. While allowing the investee to spread its wings, our investment can also be reasonably returned to achieve a win-win situation.